2 July 2015

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

GlenDronach 8 Year Old
The Hielan

Nose: Bourbon and sherry soaked sultanas, stewed prunes, overripe pink lady apples, clove studded orange, Müller Fruit Corner peach & apricot yogurt, demerara caramel, vanilla fudge, Starbucks caffè mocha, a just opened box of Weetabix and a tub of heavily buttered cinema popcorn.

Palate: More of those bourbon and sherry soaked sultanas, grilled peaches, mixed spice, ground black pepper, toasted oak, vanilla Danish pastries, McVities Jamaica ginger cake, sugared almonds, chocolate coated raisins and a Waitrose sticky toffee pudding drenched in a wondrous wave of butterscotch sauce.

Finish: A spicy, sweet, sheer sherried-esque smacker of a long lingering finish.

Summary: Where as many brands have gone down the NAS route recently with their younger entry level bottlings (of which some are superb!) it’s great to see that GlenDronach have enough confidence in their latest release to proudly wave an 8 Year Old age statement flag.

It may not be as heavy on the sherry compared to some of their other bounty of bottlings, but as an entry level dram it shouldn’t anyway. All in all it’s a superbly balanced drop of dramspankage, that echoes all the glories of GlenDronach throughout but without any shrieks, roars or moans from a sherry monster.