3 June 2015

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

Kilchoman 2009 PX Finish
Abbey Whisky Exclusive
Nose: The aroma of pork ribs smoking in a pit barbeque, a sodden peat bog, hoisin sauce, five spice, a thick crema topped cup of espresso, sherry soaked sultanas, mixed citrus peel, tea soaked prunes, a bar of Lindt chilli chocolate, Paul A Young sea salted caramels, ground white pepper and an old wing tipped leather chair that’s absorbed a decade’s worth of cigar smoke.
Palate: Peat smoke, charred oak, burnt granary toast, sherry soaked raisins, Haribo Pontefract cakes, blackberry and apple crumble, clove studded Seville orange, Hotel Chocolat sour cherry truffles, Mackays Scottish three berry preserve, demerara caramel, coffee beans, white pepper and a stick of Big Red cinnamon chewing gum.
Finish: A full on feisty, fiery finish that’s as long, welcoming and satisfying as a post dinner cigar.
Summary: I’ve lost count to the amount of retailer exclusive Kilchoman bottling’s that have been released over the last couple of years, but do you know what, each one that I’ve had the pleasure of sampling has been a belter. Though it has to be said the addition of a PX sherry finish, has given this particular bottling an added edge of va, va, va, voom!