17 April 2015

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #47

WhistlePig Rye Old World
Sauternes Finish
Nose: Baked spiced green apples, a medley of honeydew, galia and cantaloupe melons, stewed prunes, sauternes soaked sultanas, Frank Coopers vintage Oxford marmalade, gooseberry and rhubarb crumble, Belazu aged balsamic vinegar, ground white pepper, cinnamon sticks, Costa Coffee vanilla latte, warm sour dough bread, wood spice and a pack of retro white candy cigarettes.
Palate: Bramley apples, white grapes, salt preserved lemons, orange peel, strawberries dusted with black pepper, wood spice, cloves, ground cinnamon, honey rye bread, Bassett’s cherry drops, Fisherman’s Friend’s lozenges and something rather Angostura bitters-esque.
Finish: A vivacious and vibrant vinous va, va, va voom boom, of a long lingering and tantalising, tingling finish.
Summary: Yet another bountiful and belting drop of liquid americana from WhistlePig, as part of their new Old World wine cask finished series. In fact they’ve managed to score a hat trick on the fine wine finished front, as their new Madeira and Port finishes are also equally as stunning!