9 February 2015

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #45

Benromach 100° Proof
Nose: Waves of peat smoke infused sherry, vanilla poached pears, baked bramley apples stuffed with honey and pecans, Nutella hazelnut chocolate spread, Waitrose banoffee pie, rum raisin ice cream, orange zest, McVitie's Jamaica ginger cake, sweet musk, struck match, crispy grilled slices of pepperoni and a defining damp oaky earthiness.
Palate: Gutsy grounds of white and black pepper, wood spice, coal smoke, dried banana chips, stewed prunes, sherry soaked cherries, Cadbury Bournville chocolate, warm treacle tart, pralines, Bonne Maman damson plum conserve, linseed oil, clove studded Seville orange, freshly chopped parsley and more of that damp oaky earthiness.
Finish: A full-on and feisty, right rollicking rollercoaster of a long, lush, lingering finish.

Summary: I could quite happily wax lyrical all night about this bountiful, belting and beautifully balanced Benromach, but if I had to keep my thoughts short and sweet, I’d have to say “it’s a thing of pure dramming beauty!”