20 October 2014

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #42

Smögen Primor
Swedish Single Malt Whisky

Nose: Phenol-menal protruding peaty punches, pencil shavings, bicycle inner tubes, soot, sea spray, Weetabix covered in hot milk and demerara sugar, vanilla fudge, blackberries, pink grapefruit, Copella cloudy apple juice, coriander, candied fennel fronds, cinnamon sticks, freshly grated nutmeg, white pepper and a box of Quality Street mint matchmakers.
Palate: Peat and pepper filled bicycle inner tubes, honey and lemon Lockets lozenges, soot and smoke from a coal fire, tea soaked prunes, Waitrose blackberry and apple crumble, Rowntree's fruit pastilles, Lindt chilli chocolate, five spice, freshly chopped ginger and the final puff of a menthol cigarette.
Finish: A long, lingering and lush finish, that’s as full-on, frolicking and fine as the nose and the palate.
Summary: At 63.7% this 3 Year Old, yes 3 Year Old Swedish whisky proves two points perfectly; firstly age ain’t nothing but a number and secondly along with the likes of Mackmyra, Sweden produces some kick-ass whisky!