2 July 2014

The Girvan Patent Still Tweet Tasting

Continuing our teaming throng of hugely successful Tweet Tastings, we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that on the evening of August 27th we’ll be hosting our 50th event!

To mark the occasion in fine dramming style, we’ll be sampling and savouring the gargantuanly glorious ‘Single grain Scotch whisky’ wares from The Girvan Patent Still range.
Aimed at whisky lovers looking to experiment, the Girvan Patent Still from William Grant & Sons is genuinely different and delicious thanks to its unique continuous distillation technology, which delivers a pure and intensely rich spirit.
During the evening we’ll be enjoying and exploring our way through their inaugural set of releases and finding out all about this recently established brand and indeed whisky category, from a distillery that’s played a pivotal part in the blended whisky world for the last 50 years.
On the night we’ll also be joined by Kevin Abrook, World Whisky Specialist at William Grant, who’ll not only be tweeting in on the action but on hand to answer all your Girvan based questions on the night.
Full details to follow soon, but if you would like to take part in an evening that’s all about the glory of the grain, register your interest by emailing your name, address and Twitter handle via the contact tab, remembering to mark the subject line #GirvanGrain
The closing date to register is July 18th, and if you are registering to take part please make sure that you will actually be free on the night!!!
Spaces for this particular Tweet Tasting are open to UK residents only!
Even if you're not one of the selected Tweet Tasters, it'd be great to have you following the evening’s dramfotainment. So we look forward to seeing you over on Twitter on August 27th at 7pm BST via hashtag #GirvanGrain
Until then Happy Dramlaxing!
For more information on The Girvan Patent Still visit: thegirvanpatentstill.com