3 July 2014

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #39

Small Batch Bourbon
Nose: Oven baked peaches, hot buttered cobs of sweetcorn, Frank Cooper's coarse cut Oxford orange marmalade, Thorntons special toffees, Haagen-Dazs pralines & cream, mixed spice, ripe avocado, fresh mint, toasted oak, an air of something rather Irn Bru-esque and wondrous waves of vivacious vanilla.
Palate: Homemade peach cobbler, toasted walnuts, vanilla fudge, Hartley's blackberry jam, a clove studded orange, candied lime peel, winter spiced honey, Butterkist toffee popcorn, rye grains, ripe avocado, cardamom, Fisherman’s Friend lozenges and oodles of opulent oak.
Finish: A sumptuously soft, sweet spiced smoocher of a lingering finish.
Summary: A beautifully balanced big bang for buck drop of liquid americana. An elegant easy drinker that’s great straight but also adds a touch of vibrant versatility to a cocktail. An Old Fashioned anyone?