11 May 2014

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #37

Glenfiddich 29 Year Old
Spirit of a Nation
Nose: Cinnamon infused poached pears, granny smith apples, sherry soaked sultanas, orange peel, a peach and apricot Muller Fruit Corner yogurt, baked bananas, hot buttered crumpets, McVitie's ginger nut biscuits, Waitrose millionaire's shortbread, sugared almonds, sweet dried oak, polished leather and a wealth of vivacious vanilla.
Palate: A wedge of cinnamon topped apple pie, warm vanilla danish pastries, homemade bread pudding, grilled pineapple rings, spiced baked pears, Bonne Maman bitter orange marmalade, wood spice, Burt's Bees beeswax lip balm and the opulence of oak aged calvados.
Finish: A lush long, sumptuous smacker of a 'just keeps on giving' kind of a finish!
Summary: A whisky that’s as superb as the cause it’s been produced to commemorate. All the profits from this very limited run of 200 bottles will be donated to the Walking With The Wounded charity.