25 April 2014

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #36

Ardbeg Auriverdes
Nose: Freshly laid tarmac, charred rashers of middle back smoked bacon, crispy mackerel skin, burnt granary toast crusts, hoisin sauce, Maldon sea salt flakes, freshly chopped ginger, a Caffè Nero mocha, dried tobacco, pink grapefruit zest, lemon crème brûlée and a pleasantly protruding peppery peatiness.

Palate: A demerara sugar and mustard glazed ham, a portion of Bodean’s burnt ends, crispy bacon rinds, a petering peat fire, roasted parsnips, a Starbucks double shot vanilla latte, smoked walnuts, a light dusting of cocoa and a bag of rhubarb and custard sweets.

Finish: A long lingering, gutsy giver of a charismatically charred and smoky spiced finish.

Summary: Another bountiful, belting and extremely well balanced drop of Ardbegian dramspankage, which will be released as part of this year’s Ardbeg Day celebrations on May 31st.
The name 'Auriverdes' in case you’re wondering derives from the colour of the golden whisky (auri) in Ardbeg’s iconic green bottle (verde). It’s also the nickname of Brazil’s national football team, who along with this year's World Cup are the inspiration for Ardbeg’s Peat Football Tournament, which will be kicking off globally on Ardbeg Day.