23 February 2014

St Patrick's Day Jameson Tweet Tasting

Continuing our hugely successful teaming throng of Tweet Tastings, we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that on March 17th we’ll be celebrating St Patrick’s Day by sampling some of the joyous and jubilant dramming ditties on offer from one of the most iconic names in the Irish whiskey; Jameson.

On the night a specially invited ensemble of whisky weavers will be sampling a tantalising and tenacious trio of Jameson’s Reserve releases, as well as their cracking core classic Original offering.
We'd love for you to follow all the evening’s dram-craic-spankery, and if you have any Jameson at home pour and share your thoughts from 7pm GMT on March 17th via #JamesonWhiskey
For more information on Jameson visit: jamesonwhiskey.com