14 January 2014

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #31

Compass Box - The General
Nose: A stately home study that’s had its antique furniture and fittings given a good going over with beeswax polish and Brasso. A shelf of dust ridden and damp paperback books, freshly baked banana bread, pineapple upside down cake, sherry soaked raisins, dapple dandy plums, La Vieja Fabrica fruits of the forest jam, toffee apples, vanilla infused poached pears, warming winter spices and an infusion of palma violets and toasted cedar wood.
Palate: A slightly over baked, charred edged Christmas cake, honey and lemon Lockets lozenges, heavily buttered granary toast, Pontefract cakes, Muller Greek style black cherry fruit corner yogurt, Tiptree lime marmalade, dried dates, smoked walnuts, a café crème cigar and oodles of opulent oak.
Finish: A dry and distinguished, savour sensation of a long lingering finish.
Summary: A beautifully balanced belter of a blend, made from two blended whiskies aged over 30 years old. Resulting in what only can be described as a vivaciously vintage drop of pure dramming class in a glass!