15 November 2013

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #29

Wemyss Seaweed on the Rocks
1991 Bunnahabhain
Nose: Fresh sea breeze, brine soaked seaweed, light wisps of smoke, sweet oak, sour apple Chewits, comic pears, preserved lemons, ground white pepper, Waitrose pickled cornichons with dill flower, Marabou Swedish milk chocolate, Asda key lime cheesecake and a tray of warm homemade flapjacks.
Palate: Ash, preserved lemons, cold crisp mackerel skin, sea spray, dried oak, wood spice, Hartley’s gooseberry jam, Braeburn apples, vanilla fudge, aniseed twists and something rather vivaciously vinous.
Finish: A lush lingering, coastal cracker of a finish.
Summary: Yet another bountiful, balanced single cask belter from Wemyss, which as always does exactly what it says on the tin, or in this case the bottle.