22 October 2013

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #27

The Tweeddale Blend Batch 4

Nose: Vanilla infused poached pears, bourbon soaked sultanas, Fry’s chocolate orange cream, peach and apricot Muller fruit corner yogurt, Old Jamaica ginger beer, mixed citrus peel, honey malt loaf, Rose's lime marmalade, damp grass, Schwartz freeze dried tarragon, ground black pepper and a binding salty coastal wave-ette.
Palate: A summer fruit and black pepper panna cotta, homemade sherry trifle, Maynards wine gums, chocolate bourbon biscuits, smoked paprika, dried oak, fresh ginger, lemon zest, brine, five spice and a punctuating pinch-ette of peat.
Finish: A superbly spiced, long lingering lumber yard of a finish.
Summary: Yet another beautifully balanced blended belter of a batch from the tweedmendous Tweeddale. Roll on No.5!