4 September 2013

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #23

Tomatin Cù Bòcan

Nose: Assorted summer shrubs, heathery honey, lime curd tart, Madagascan vanilla pods, blackberries, spiced toffee apples, youthful oak, toasted malt, a milk chocolate Bounty bar, pineapple cubes, Waitrose dried mango chips, brazil nuts, ortanique zest, wood spice, white pepper, freshly chopped dill and parsley, a hum of something vinous and a punctuating pinch-ette of peat.
Palate: Clove infused heathery honey, wood spice, homemade raspberry cranachan, a fresh fruit custard tart, Marks and Spencer millionaire shortbread, McVitie’s Jamaica ginger cake, a Lindt chocolate caramel bar with a touch of sea salt, white pepper, ground cloves, dried red chili peppers, sugared fennel fronds, along with suggestive and non-intrusive smack-ettes of smoke.
Finish: A lush, light, linger-ette of a finish.
Summary: Having not been 100% bowled over by their recent Legacy release, I have to say this latest offering ticks all the right boxes, and restores my faith in everything that is tenacious and usually tremendous from Tomatin.