25 June 2013

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #15

Lagavulin 1995 Distillers Edition
Nose: Peat, pencil shavings, damp oak logs, crashing coastal waves, a burning bundle of old newspapers, iodine, smoke infused sherry, tea soaked prunes, sultanas, stewed forest fruits, mixed citrus peel, salted caramel, a Lindt Excellence 85% dark chocolate bar, Green & Blacks Organic vanilla ice cream, marzipan, Waitrose Colombian supremo ground coffee and a vivacious whiff or two of something vegetal
Palate: Bacon Frazzles dipped in Hockings Devonshire ice cream, wood spice infused treacle, smoke from a beach bonfire, Blue dragon Thai sweet chilli sauce, dark chocolate covered raisins, sherry and rum soaked sultanas, dates, tinned prunes, apple and blackberry crumble, ground white pepper, a semi cremated Christmas pudding, a puff-ette of cigar smoke and a thick crema topped cup of espresso.
Finish: A bold brash and beautifully balanced bonfire-ette of a finish.
Summary: What’s not to love?