17 June 2013

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #14

Old Pulteney 40 Year Old
Nose: Heavily polished oak, a walk-in cedar humidor, orange oil, chargrilled pineapple wedges, freshly picked granny smith apples, walnuts shells, toasted almonds, Outback Steakhouse’s honey wheat bread, Thornton’s mint special toffee’s, Willie's Delectable Madagascan Cacao, McVitie’s ginger nut biscuits, warm Chelsea buns, sugared fennel fronds, ground cloves and a pinch of pipe tobacco.
Palate: Aniseed cough candy twists, a clove studded Valencia orange, vanilla infused stewed apples, pineapple chunks dusted with white pepper, damson jam, lime marmalade, Booja Booja rum sozzled sultana chocolate truffles, a hint of Fry’s Turkish delight, toasted walnuts, an egg custard tart topped with a good grating of nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, freshly polished oak and a wealth of wood spice.
Finish: A spicy, seasoned, sumptuous edged, long lingering finish.
Summary: A dram of pure unadulterated four decade decadence and distinction, that just also happens to exude an abundance of bountiful and balanced youth.
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