13 June 2013

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #13

Paul John Brilliance
Nose: Gorwydd Caerphilly cheese, vanilla panna cotta, lemon curd tart, spelt flour, granary toast covered in a smear-ette of honey, a sodden grassy field, autumnal burning leaves, sweet musk, a velvet lined wooden antique jewellery box, toasted cardamom seeds, ground ginger, zest from an ortanique and a yellow foam banana from a pick and mix.
Palate: Spiced roasted bramley apples topped with blackberries, Lindt chili chocolate, sea salt infused caramel, honeydew melon, chaunsa mangoes, McVitie’s Jamaica ginger cake, vanilla custard, ground cloves, wood spice, youthful balanced oak and something rather witch hazel-esque.
Finish: A prickly and pronounced finish that pleases plenty!
Summary: After being somewhat blown away by their Single Cask offering at the Whisky Show in London last year, I was very keen to give this latest release a whirl, and I’m very glad that I did. It certainly lives up to its name and is proof if proof is needed that there’s some dramspankingly good single malt whisky coming out of India at the moment.