1 June 2013

Ardbeg Ardbog "A Bogged Down Beauty"

In addition to the ever growing wealth of whisky festivals and tastings that have popped up over the last few years, there's also been a gaggle of other annual whisky events/launches that have now firmly established themselves into the whisky calendar.

Be it for World Whisky Day, a Glenmorangie Private Edition release or the launch of the Diageo Special Releases, having a key day in the dramming diary is now becoming an ever increasing must.

Following on and complementing their already revered and much sought after annual Committee Release bottling’s, last year Ardbeg launched their very first Ardbeg Day, a global celebration of all things Ardbegian. It also saw the release of their latest Committee Release bottling, cunningly named Ardbeg Day.

June 1st 2013 marks the second Ardbeg Day or should I say Ardbog Day, as this year’s event and accompanying bottling are named in homage to the all-important peat bogs of Islay.

The nose kicks off with wondrous wacking waves of assorted smoked charcuterie, pork crackling smothered in apple sauce, Chinese crispy duck, sherry vinegar and the aroma from the inside of a foil Peperami wrapper.

Forest fruits and its accompanying green foliage make for the next set of nasal niceties, as does a tar infused bicycle inner tube, a handful of chocolate salted caramels, warm peanut brittle and sprigs of lavender and rosemary.

The palate kicks off with balanced bouts of smoked brine, crispy bacon, maple syrup, toasted oak and a citrus clove infusion. Followed by a handful of chocolate covered raisins and all the big purples from a tin of Quality Street.

A teaspoon of Bonne Maman damson plum conserve, a glug of black peppered caramel sauce and an air of earthy damp freshness then add an additional level of depth of balance, ahead of a smoky and sumptuous finish that’s luscious long and lingering.