20 May 2013

The Whisky Wire 'The Glenlivet' Tweet Tasting

Last Thursday we held the latest in our on-going string of hugely successful Tweet Tastings, exploring a gaggle of gargantuanly glorious expressions from The Glenlivet Distillery.
In addition to our teaming throng of Tweet Tasters from the UK, Europe and the US, we were also joined by their International Brand Ambassador Ian Logan, who not only tweeted in on the action but was also on hand to answer any ‘livet’ based questions that popped up.
On the night we sampled their cracking range of 12, 15 and 18 Year Old core expressions, before then moving onto the nights headline dram in the form of their new mysterious drop of maltage; The Glenlivet Alpha.
Here are a few of the tweeted tasted highlights from last week:
The Glenlivet 12 Year Old 
@themisswhisky Red berries dipped in honey and rolled in ash, with some newspaper & toffee notes for good measure.
@ifotou Light, refreshing, oaky and fruity with definite wood notes. Young, fresh and vanilla custard.
@whiskycast I get some coconut on the palate, along with vanilla, honey and a gentle hint of allspice.
@WhiskyDiscovery I'm ashamed to say I had forgotten how refreshing the 12yr is. Sometimes simplicity wins!
The Glenlivet 15 Year Old
@Girl_Whisky This one is wonderfully soft, leaving a trail of mangoes.
@EdinburghWhisky Creamy, biscuity, hints of pastries, apples, almonds, & butteriness.
@GuidScotchDrink Red apples and toasted caramel with honey covered grapefruit and hints of a Moroccan bazaar.
@weheartwhisky Lovely and rich, with some excellent spices but not overpowering in anyway. Figs dusted with icing sugar.
The Glenlivet 18 Year Old  
@iantheguardian Ah...the 18yo, the finest whisky known to man!!!! Okay I am biased.
@WhiskyDiscovery Vanilla starts sneaking out, fresh vanilla pods. Tobacco, dried fruits, figs, rich toffee, NICE!
@champdenwhite Full & rich. Some chewy, tannic oak. Honey and a touch of spice.
@TheWhiskyBoys Peachy with rich sherried raisins and some cinder toffee. Floral and a sweet creamy nuttiness.
The Glenlivet Alpha
@TheWhiskyWire Very Lilt'ish, in a very good way!
@themisswhisky Wowzers, waves of tropical fruit hit the nose with a backbone of spicy intrigue on this one.
@whisky4everyone Light, delicate, fresh, vibrant. Initial notes of freshly sawn oak shavings & a tangy lemon.
@ScotMaltWhisky Light spice dances around the lovely rich fruit which is lightly coated in creamy coconut.
As ever these are only a mere teasing taste of the notes from last week’s tweet tastery. For a full lowdown head over to Twitter and search hashtag #Alpha
To sample any of these splendourous Speyside stunners yourself, head over to The Whisky Shop who currently stock all the whiskies we sampled on the night.
A huge thanks to everyone who took part and followed last week’s tweet tastery. There are plenty more branded and themed Tweet Tastings to come, so if you would like to be one of our tasters, keep your eyes peeled on the website and on our Twitter handles @TheWhiskyWire & @TweetTastings for details.
For more information on The Glenlivet visit: glenlivet.com
Test your senses via The Glenlivet Facebook page by clicking here
Until next time Happy Dramlaxing!