7 May 2013

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #5

Arran 16 Year Old
Nose: Werther’s Originals, Thorntons dark chocolate gingers, apple and pear crumble, star anise infused honey, lemon groves, orange tangfastic Harbibo’s, a whiff-ette of espresso, ash from a beach bonfire and some fresh forest foliage.
Palate: Warm runny butterscotch, a café latte finished with a generous drop of vanilla syrup, lemon infused honey, sherry soaked sultanas, a toffee cheesecake with a gingernut biscuit base, ground black pepper, Bournville dark chocolate and the zest from an ortanique.
Finish: A rich rollicking, long lingering lunge of a finish.

Summary: Yet another beautifully balanced and bountiful release from one of the younger kids on the dramming block.