25 April 2013

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #1

In addition to our feature whisky reviews, we're kicking off a NEW series of 'Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes', and here's the first!

Balblair 1990 Peated Cask
Nose: Sticky warm toffee apples, freshly baked pear tart, pineapple cubes, yellow foam bananas, butterscotch, cinnamon led winter spices, star anise led asian spices, vanilla fudge, orange zest, lime infused honey and a subtle whiff-ette of peat.

Palate: Mixed citrus peel, tinned pineapple, apple turnovers, fried plantain, toffee sauce, wood spice, subtle suggestions of sichuan pepper, chopped parsley, a hint of earthy oily smokiness and a kick of something rather Kentish ale-esque.

Finish: Fresh, full, lengthy and lingering.

Summary: Yet another beauty from Balblair!

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