18 March 2013

Talisker Storm "A Tenacious Teasing Talispanker"

Well it has to be said that Talisker have quite literally brewed and stirred up a storm with their first of two new bottlings for 2013.

Infact you could be forgiven for thinking that they’ve sailed the choppy and challenging seven seas to create and craft this tenaciously, teasing temptress of a dram that is nothing short of being a perfect storm!
This new non age statement offering which can sit very proudly between their uber classic 10 year old and another of their non aged dramming delights; 57’ North, not only captures all the charm and characteristics that are synonymous with this Isle of Skye distillery, but it also manages to do so in a beefed up, beautifully brazen, cranked up to 11 (ok maybe just 10½) Spinal Tap kind of a way.
The nose kicks off with garish glorious gusts of spiced cindering oak, coastal waves, burnt bacon rinds, flurries of ground black pepper and a whole host of sensory seducing aromas from a Moroccan spice market.
A blustery infusion of brine, struck and spent matches, clove studded clementine’s and dapple dandy plums make for the next set of nasal niceties, as does an array of honey dipped autumn berries, aniseed twists and a pack of everyone’s favourite retro sweets from the 1980’s; Refreshers.
The palate kicks off with a harmonious huddle of wood spice, ground black peppercorns, crispy smoked mackerel skin, punctuating punch-ettes of peat and yet more Moroccan spice market action.
A big bowl of baked bramley apples and comice pears that have been liberally covered with clove and anise infused honey make for the next set of palatable pleasures, along with a big wedge of summer fruit pudding that’s bursting with a bounty of ripe red berries.
Coastal waves surge and recede their way throughout the proceedings, as do some rye-esque nutty notes and a sprinkle-ette of winter baking spices, which help to provide additional levels of depths and balance inbetween all the smoky and sweet pleasurable palatable protrudements.
Once you have the will power not to pour another glass, you’re then teased even further with a long lingering finish that encapsulates and echoes perfectly all the elements that this dramspanking drop of Talisker has boldly and beautifully delivered so well.
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