28 September 2012

Lord Elcho 15 "The Distinguished Gentledram"

One of the many highlights from the whisky world over the last few years has been the sporadic sprouting up of high quality independent bottling’s from established bottlers and a whole host of new kids on the dramming block.

Falling into the latter category and in addition to their superb range of single cask offerings and blended malts, Wemyss have decided to complement their range by introducing a fully fledged premium blended scotch whisky.

Family owned and Inspired by its own history and heritage, Wemyss have released a much welcomed addition to the world of blends in the form of the Lord Elcho 15 Year Old. It’s not only a testament to the sensational selection of single malts and glorious grains that they have at their disposal but also to the art of blending itself.

The nose kicks off with wondering and weaving waves of oozing warm butterscotch and pools of vibrant and vivacious vanilla, accompanied by bountiful bursts of sherried oak and spiced sandalwood.

Oven baked bramley apples and grilled peaches, topped with an avalanche of dried fruits, cinnamon and a generous glug of honey make for the next set of nasal niceties, along with some crushed pink peppercorns and an air of something  reminiscent  of a late autumn evenings walk in the park.

A calorific infusion of McVitties chocolate digestive biscuits and Thorntons dark chocolate gingers then help to deliver some very satisfying additional depths and balance, as does a subtle dose of background winter spice.

The palate kicks off with a small slab of Jamaican ginger cake, covered in a thick oozing splurge of cold Ambrosia Devon custard and a slice of festively fuelled Christmas cake that’s been glazed with a thick smearing of apricot jam.

Swirls of vanilla fudge and wood spice then take centre stage, but before they have the chance of becoming even remotely overpowering, they’re balanced out beautifully by the addition of some cheeky clove and subtle menthol action.

Echoes of chocolate truffles topped with the subtlest pinches of cayenne pepper then lead the palatable proceedings, gathering up all the aforementioned delights in a very cordial manner to deliver a distinguished and discerning linger-ette of a finish.

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