29 May 2012

Ardbeg Day "On Your Marks, Get Set, Get Ardy"

Around this time of the year there’s always an air of dramming anticipation, as the whisky world eagerly awaits the launch of the latest Committee Members Release bottling from Ardbeg.

Infact over the last few years this has become such a momentous malty event in the calendars of those who worship all things Ardbegian, that this particular iconic Islay distillery has decided to go all out this year and tie it in with the launch of Ardbeg Day on the 2nd of June.

The day itself will not only see the official launch of the new Committee Members Release (cunningly called Ardbeg Day) but it will also be full of events at Ardbeg Embassy’s around the world, online and at the distillery itself, where they’ll be hosting The Islay-Limpics Games.

Click the pic and let the dramanagins begin

We look forward to dramlaxing on the day with a few drops of our favourite Ardbegian drammage and indeed taking part in some Ardbeg Day dramanagins, as we hope you will do too!
If you’re not already registered as a committee member click here to sign up for free. To find your nearest Ardbeg Embassy, where you’ll be able to sample and buy the new release on the day (subject to availability) click here.

Keep your eyes peeled for our review of Ardbeg Day (the whisky, not the day) coming soon!