29 March 2012

The Whisky Wire Highland Park Tweet Tasting

Continuing our successful string of Tweet Tastings, last night we held our latest event exploring a harmonious huddle of expressions from the Highland Park distillery.

In the good company of our assembled group of tasters and Daryl Haldane, the Global Brand Advocate for Highland Park, we sampled a dramming sextet of Orkney’s finest in the form of their 12, 15, 18, 25 and 30 year old expressions. If that wasn’t enough we then went on to finish the night with a sample their most recent release; Thor.
Here’s a few of the tweeted tasted highlights from last night:

Highland Park 12 Year Old

@themisswhisky On the nose I'm getting lemon butter, salt & honeyed, sweet charcoal you get when baking a salmon fillet.
@S_Rob A little under-ripe peach and faint brine now also. Still juicy and well balanced as you would expect.
@TheWhiskyWire Heather & honey, with a subtle wisp of a smoke infused bar of Fry’s chocolate cream.

Highland Park 15 Year Old
@LRWhisky On the nose I get chocolate cheese cake and smoked pears.
@cowfish Rich vine fruit, linseed oil, sweet citrus, tinned pineapple (with the tin), creamy malt and wisp of smoke. Fruity finish.
@dramologist Drying out with heather and herbal notes at the end, with a touch of cereal and wood.
@rodbodtoo Quite a bit sweeter than the 12, purer. A sweet solo rather than an ambrosial chorus.

Highland Park 18 Year Old

@galg It's a perfume! wood and spices, engulfed with sherry goodness, some wee smoke, brine, nuts and cinnamon. Quite a bit of wood!
@WhiskyDiscovery I've just added a droplet of water, which immediately released the floral notes on the nose Stunning!
@TIA568B Very fresh and fruity, great for a spring evening like tonight. A bit of honeycomb, some of the wood is coming through, lovely!

Highland Park 25 Year

@jonmbryant Butterscotch, cocoa, caramelised sugar. Got to love this nose.
@themisswhisky Salty sweet, with Fisherman's Friends, baking soda, toasted walnuts and men's aftershave.
@cowfish Fig, apple, sweet lime, marzipan, sweet pastry, wax polish, hint of cooling spice (mint/menthol/clove), dry wood.
Highland Park 30 Year Old

@S_Rob Ah, my favourite of the range. Lots of candied orange and kumquat. Heather & fresh copper. Sweetend lime juice.
@rodbodtoo Can you still get Cadbury's Old Jamaica chocolate? Cos this whisky reminds me of it most intensely.
@lizbonline Right, on the palate it's all about the Singapore Sling - ginger ale, cherries, alcohol, zing.
Highland Park Thor

@TheWhiskyWire Forest fruits, ginger nut biscuits, smoked mango & a rasher of bacon being singed on a beach barbecue.
@dramologist I prefer the Thor with a bit of water. It's mouthfilling, citrus, banana, fresh pineapple, loads of spice and buttery notes.
@TIA568B Very fruity and floral, a wisp of smoke, definitely some ginger, sweet but maybe not honey this time?

As ever these are just a light drizzle of the shower of tasting notes from last night. For a full low down head over to Twitter and feast your eyes via hashtag #HPTT.

All the expressions we sampled are available directly from the Highland Park website; 12yr £30.00, 15yr £38.00, 18yr £67.00, 25yr £160.00 30yr £210.00 and Thor £120.00. *prices correct at time of publishing.

A huge thanks to everyone who took part or followed last night's tasting dramstravaganza. There are plenty more Tweet Tastings to come, so if you would like to be one of our Tasters, register your interest and contact details now by emailing via the contact tab marking the subject line ‘Tweet Tastings’.

Until next time Happy Dramlaxing!