8 March 2012

The Whisky Wire Cooley Tweet Tasting

Last night we continued our online dramming mission of bringing whisky into the homes of the people, with another one of our hugely successful Tweet Tasting events.

This time round we explored a clutch of cracking core range Irish whiskey offerings from Cooley’s Kilbeggan, Tyrconnell, Greenore and Connemara distilleries. We were also joined by their Master Distiller Noel Sweeney, who not only tweeted in on the action but was on hand to answer any Cooley based questions from our international group of Tweet Tasters from the UK, Spain, South Africa and Israel.

Here’s a few of the tweeted tasted highlights from last night:


@whiskywardrobe Light, subtle, with a good amount of honey and vanilla with a floral and toffee touch.
@TheWhiskyWire Harmoniously honied with an alluringly light sprinkling of crushed malted milk biscuits, with a finishing pounce of peat.
@MrMDMaloney Smooth taste, dry oak at the end. A great balanced flavour - everything I want from a blend.


@eimearocarroll Getting toffee Bon bons, stewed apples, Battenberg cake and pear drops on the nose.
@YorkWhisky Easy-drinking stuff and nice length on that finish - appley and cakey.
@S_Rob Quite different on the palette than expected. Very malty but then a wave of fruit salad chews and light toffee.
@galg My first Tyrconell, and I’m impressed!

Greenore 8 Year Old
@S_Rob Lots of bourbon vanilla, acetone, fresh leather, green bananas.
@cowfish Taste not as sweet, with woody notes coming in: polished wood, brown sugar, sour apple & lingering sweet spicy finish.
@rodbodtoo Oh man, I love grain whisky. Bananas & cream, lightly sprayed with furniture polish.
@wordled_muds Greenore mouthfeel is glorious, nice finish, lots of vanilla.


@MrMDMaloney Peat smoke is warm and rounded, fruity note like cooked pineapple. Wasn't expecting to like it this much.
@TonyWTC Nicely rounded peatiness, reminds me of Laddy peat but with a bit more depth. Prefer this to the Cask Strength! odd for me.
@TWLJoe Earth, ash, green wood smoke, brown sugar, a slight rubbery thing and a distinct peatyness I only seem to get with Connemara.

As ever these are just a mere hinted highlight of all the tasting notes. For a full rundown head over to Twitter and feast your eyes via hashtag #CooleyTT.

All the expressions we sampled are available from The Whisky Exchange; Kilbeggan £19.75, Tyrconnell £27.75, Greenore 8 Year Old £31.75, Connemara £29.49. *Prices correct at time of publishing.

A huge thanks to everyone who took part or followed last night's event. There are plenty more Tweet Tastings to come, so if you would like to be one of our Tasters, register your interest and contact details now by emailing via the contact tab marking the subject line ‘Tweet Tastings’.

Until next time Happy Dramlaxing!