20 January 2012

Glenmorangie Artein "A Stunning Stoner"

In addition to a somewhat underrated standard expression and an eclectic cavalcade of extra matured offerings, including the rather sassy Lasanta, Glenmorangie also proudly boasts a cask collective of premium bottlings headlined by the momentously magnificent Signet.

Though if you thought that concluded the full current morangie line up, you’d not only be wrong but be missing out on their exemplary and innovative intermediate Private Edition range of whiskies.

Much acclaimed up until now for its Sonnalta PX and Finealta releases, 2012 sees the launch of their latest Private Edition in the form of the ‘super Tuscan cask matured’ Glenmorangie Artein. The name if you’re wondering means stone in Gaelic; in reference and homage to its influence during the whisky making process.

The nose kicks off with an exuberant yet elegant infusion of freshly picked blackberries, peak season peaches, homemade orange zested cranberry sauce and a bar of Fry’s strawberry chocolate cream.

Blind baked sweet pastry and a crème brulee that’s had its demerara top semi brutalised by a blow torch make for the next set of sensations, along with a bourbon-esque mentholy spiced kick.

Subtle waves of L’Occitane rose bonne mere soap then begin to weave their way in, but before there's any sign of anything over powering or even remotely dominant they evolve into something more reminiscent of Turkish delight and then eventually begin to fade away altogether.

There’s a presence of some rather opulent oak and dare I say some particularly vivacious vanilla, which becomes more apparent and more welcoming the longer this particular drop of drammage is left to breath in a glass.

The palate kicks off with a full on Devonshire cream tea. Freshly made scones bursting with plump sumptuous sultanas, filled with a heart pounding dollop of clotted cream and a splodge of Tiptree strawberry jam. All of which is then topped off and washed down in style with a teasing, tussling tannic pot of tea.

Dapple Dandy plums and a feisty fisting of oak, followed by a zinging sweet citrus honey kiss make for the next set of delights, along with a generous serving of grandmas sherry trifle, another appearance by those overly scorched crème brulee’s and something distinctly Manhattan cocktail-esque including the cherry garnish.

An infusion of wood spice, cloves, ginger, orange peel and a subtle burst of peppery butter then provide an additional depth of dimension and balance. But it's not long before they evolve into the foundations of a dance floor, as all the other aforementioned delights then cha cha cha around the senses delivering a long linger-ette of a feisty yet finesseful finish.