8 December 2011

The Whisky Wire Glenfiddich Tweet Tasting

Last night we held The Whisky Wire’s latest Tweet Tasting event, exploring the core range offerings from the Glenfiddich distillery. We were also joined by their UK Brand Ambassador Jamie Milne, who not only took to tweet tasting like a duck to water but was on hand to answer any Fiddich based questions from those taking part or following last nights dramanagins.

Our group of Tweet Tasters were treated to four fab frolicking Fiddich's comprising of their 12, 15 and 18 year old core expressions. Followed by a Mystery Dram which we later went on to discover was infact their recently released 19 year old ‘Age of Discovery’ bottling.

Here are a few of the tweeted tasted highlights from last night:

Glenfiddich 12 Year Old

@S_Rob Quite grassy upfront, some green apple, light honey. Slightly floral, hints of violet, very Spring like.
@TheWhiskyWire Warm pear frangipane tart, freshly pressed apples, mushed ripe kiwi’s with a honied malty edge.
@distiller Finish is quite short but broad across the palate. Haven't had the 12 for ages and enjoying it.

Glenfiddich 15 Year Old

@jdcornthwaite 15YO blows me away. Such a bright noise full of red cherry, mixed berries, sweetness and all the goodness of Christmas.
@mohler I'm getting powdery custard/cereal at the back of my mouth, orange round the sides, sweet apples on top & tingle on the tip.
@TIA568B On the palate really getting the vanilla from that American new oak, a bit of butterscotch and some xmas pudding.

Glenfiddich 18 Year Old

@whisky4everyone Crushed pears, cinnamon, brown sugar, honey, toffee apple, hint of pastry. Rich & delicious.
@rodbodtoo Liking the common theme of fresh green apples that run through the Glenfiddich. Freshness even in the oldest of the three.
@theWhiskyReview Getting a very sugary hit on the palate, followed by rhubarb & custard (sweets) apple skin and vanilla fudge.

 Glenfiddich Age of Discovery

@S_Rob Quite a long and supple finish, nice chocolatey notes and cold coffee. Whispering fruit untill the death.
@mnshanbhag Nose pungent, cinnamon & honey again, with some chilly.
@DurhamFanDan From pineapple crayons to stewed damsons, the mystery dram is a nosing and tasting experience.

These are merely a light flurry of the mountain of tasting notes from last night's Tweet Tasting dramanagins. For a full lowdown on yesterday's Fiddich fest, head over to Twitter and search hashtag #FiddichTT.

The 12, 15 & 18 year old expressions that we sampled are widely available on the high street. The 19 year old ‘Age of Discovery’ bottling is currently only available through Travel Retail but will be on general release in the UK early next year.

A huge thanks to everyone who took part or followed last night's event, which even managed to trend on Twitter. There are plenty more Tweet Tastings to come, so if you would like to be one of our Tasters, register your interest and contact details now by emailing via the contact tab marking the subject line ‘Tweet Tastings’.