3 November 2011

The Whisky Wire Grant's Whisky Tweet Tasting

Last night we held The Whisky Wire’s second Tweet Tasting, exploring four drops of drammage from those purveyors of all things bountiful and blended, Grant's Whisky.

Our esteemed group of international Tweet Tasters were treated to four fine frolicking dramming dittyy's, comprising of their Ale Cask, 12 year old, 18 year old and their 25 year old bottlings.

Here are a few of the tweeted tasted highlights from last night:

Grant's Ale Cask

theWhiskyReview Ale Cask has a nose of Malt, Acorns and Autumn Leaves and grass with maybe a hint of root vegetables still in the earth.
galg Light, cirtusy on the nose, with ample cereal and malt, getting sweeter on the palate, with a finish of bitter cococa.
whiskywardrobe I like this Grants Ale Cask, a delicious taste. Really at the point of almost being sparkling.

Grant's 12 Year Old

Whiskyblogg Hay stack, tobacco leafs and crushed stone. Sweet honey and traces of coffee.
TIA568B Smokey, a hint of peat, sweet, spicy, vanilla, tannin, coffee, orange rind.
TheScotsdreamer Getting dried fruits and charred driftwood on the those, more of a kick than the AleCask.
Jonmbryant The 12 year old really is cracking. Not something I've considered trying before, lovely.

Grant's 18 Year Old

fr1day Just got a wiff that reminded me of an old apple left in a drawer for a few weeks - sweet, slightly fermented musky smell.
WhiskyBrother 18yo finish is beautiful! Long and warming. Mature sweetness, unlit cigar, brown sugar, fruit and nut milk chocolate.
rborghma Love the finish. I'm not in fan of port finishes but this one is a damn good one.

Grant's 25 Year Old

S_Rob  Some touches of fennel in the background. Just what you might expect from a whisky containing such old grain.
Rodbodtoo Oh man that is a good dram! So well balanced & elegant. Cinnamon baked apples cooked in a cedar fired oven.
galg Palate is a wonderful avalanche of golden sherry, and exotic chocolate. interplay at it's best.

These are just a mere light sprinklette of the tasting notes from last night's dramming tweetup, for a full lowdown on yesterdays Grant's dramstravaganza, hop over to Twitter and search hashtag #GrantsTT. The 12yr, 18yr & 25yr old expressions that we sampled are available through Travel Retail and the Ale Cask is widely available on the high street.

There are plenty more TWW Tweet Tastings to come, so if you would like to be one of our Tasters, register your interest and contact details now by emailing steve@thewhiskywire.com marking the subject line ‘Tweet Tastings’.