21 February 2011

Sazerac Straight Rye "A Right Rollicking Rye"

In addition to the ever increasing range of bold, bountiful and beautiful bourbons that are hitting the shelves of bars and stores in the UK, there’s also a flurry of that other fine drop of ‘Liquid Americana’ profoundly pouring its way into glasses this side of the pond.

Belittled by some as a mere cocktail component, it’s not until you’ve succumbed to its sassy straight eau-natural guise, that you can truly appreciate the right rollicking wonders of a rye.

Sazerac is probably one of the most notable and available examples of rye currently available in the UK. Although there is no age statement attached to this particular bottling, it is infact their 6 year old offering.

The nosing kicks of with gutsy and garish gusts of pure sweet rye wonderment, followed by the enticing citrus aroma of an open jar of ‘Frank Coopers’ vintage marmalade, infused with warming waves of pimento, cloves, star anise and freshly ground white peppercorns.

A bag of cherry cola cubes and some warm liquid caramel make for the next set of sensations, along with subtle whiffs of damp grass, chopped parsley and a glug of ‘Hershey’s’ chocolate syrup.

The palate is protruded and pleasured by raucous yet refined waves of orange, apricot and lashings of sweet rye-tabulous delights. Followed by a generous slurp of ‘Barr’s’ raspberry twist cream soda.

A glorious glug of ginger infused caramel then takes hold and balances out theses rye-tious proceedings, before allowing the quad-tabulous gang of spices that delighted the nose to make a much welcomed palatable reprise.

The finish is quite literally nothing short of a dramming harmony, with each and every one of the nosing and tasting delights making a dedicated and concerted effort as a team to deliver a light yet lingering finish.

If you’re new to the world of rye, ‘Sazerac’ makes for the ideal first step up the rungs of this particular dramming ladder.