12 January 2011

Glenfiddich 18 "A Feisty 'Fiddich"

Despite Glenfiddich currently being the home of the worlds best selling single malt, it seems that there is no shortage of those ready to write off and underrate what they have to offer with regards to drammage.

Ironically it’s something that seems to be more prominent in the UK, and radiates from a small number of self important individuals from within the whisky community. Make no mistake, Glenfiddich is now a huge global, heritage driven, commercial dramming machine, but is that necessarily a bad thing?

At the heart of the matter they’ve still got it where it counts. The passion that was first unleashed by William Grant back in 1886, is still visible in abundance by those working at the distillery today. You only have to open a bottle to experience some of that passion for yourself.

The ‘Glenfiddich 18 Year Old’ has to be one of the dramming highlights from their core range. A bold rich yet sophisticated drop of drammage that has that trademark fresh ‘Fiddich edge.

The nose kicks off with some wonderliciously warm vanilla fudge, followed by the wafting aromas from a just baked apple cake and a spiced malt loaf that's had an extra pinch or two of ground ginger and cinnamon.

Distinguished and refined bouts of oak punch their way elegantly into the proceedings, along with an infusion of those Oloroso sherry and American bourbon cask influences.

A handful of chocolate coated raisins make for the next nasal sensation, along with a very subtle lingering but non offensive whiff of wood smoke. All of which is then balanced out rather wonderfully with a three way orange, lime and white grapefruit zest fest.

Just when you think you’ve had your fix of fruit, a juicy conference pear and a crunch-tabulous golden delicious apple, leap into the proceedings, ensuring that you’ve well and truly had your five a day.

The palate delivers up a wealth of dramming delights, kicking off with an infusion of subtle cindering oak, winter spices and a glugette of honey.

Those confident zesty citrus notes that stood out so well on the nose now really come into their own on the palate, providing a perfect platform of balance for all the tantalising tasting treats on offer.

Toffee coated walnuts and a grind or two of white pepper make for the next set of delights, along with a mixed bag of cherry drops, cough candy and more of those chocolate coated raisins.

Once again those bourbon and sherry influences are abundant, and the longer you manage to leave the 18yr in your glass, the meatier and more lingering these influences become. So I‘d recommend pouring around fifteen minutes prior to dramming.

This is indeed a fabulous ‘Fiddich from a range of whiskies which are undoubtedly a right of dramming passage for any whisky enthusiast, even those who should take some time to get over themselves and their own self important pretensions!

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