8 October 2010

Ardmore Traditional Cask "A Real Must Try Dram"

I have to semi shamefully admit that this has been my first encounter with an Ardmore, but it’s fair to say that even after just a few minutes of getting to know one another we started to get on famously.

The Ardmore Traditional Cask is a sensory jigsaw of all the key characteristics from all five of the fabulously frolicking Scotch whisky regions put together.

It even manages to deliver a cheeky touch of liquid Americana in the form of a brief bout of something rather rye-esque.

The nosing kicks off with a nasal ménage à trios, consisting of rich rampant waves of peat, glugs of glorious caramel and magnificent meaty mounds of malt.

Waves of vivacious vanilla, raucous raspberries and punchy peaches instantly try and take on and rival the aforementioned trio, but just like two groups of bickering primary school children, they soon give in and both end up playing nicely with one another.

In this instance they actually help to provide a wealth of enhanced balance to those who were initialy ménage-ing and trios-ing on the nose.

An earthy whiff of celery kicks off the next set of delights along with an infusion of rye, winter spices and some wonderlicious Washington red apples.

The palate provides a plethora of pleasing delights, kicking off with a powerful yet poetically balanced smoke house-esque punch of peat, which has its blow cushioned by a thick glugging wave of glass grabbing spiced caramel.

Elements of rye, vanilla and peaches gradually creep in, making this a rather bourbon-esque affair. This is soon followed by the sensation of zinging lemon sherbert, minus the dib dabs.

All the wonders of a cracking Cranachan make for the next and final set of palatable delights, with a mountain of moorish toasted oats, a generous dollop Jersey cream and a punnett of Glen Moy raspberries.

It has to be said that this is a very impressive drop of dramage at an absolute steal of a price. I urge all whisky enthusiasts and newbies alike to give this one a whirl, that’s of course if you haven’t done so already.