30 June 2010

Ledaig 2005 "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number"

If you’re looking for the pinnacle example of a dram that states the case for age not being the be all and end all factor to producing a great single malt, you need look no further than the ‘Ledaig 2005’ from ‘Berry Bros & Rudd’.

A dram that has boldly and proudly defied the norms of whisky making, by delivering a multitude of magnificent maturated double decade-esque delights to both the nose and palate.

Every so often whilst enjoying this dramtabulous gem, you'll need to pinch and remind yourself how young this dram actually is. Two weeks on from sampling it for the first time and even I'm still finding it hard to believe.

The proceedings on the nose kick off with succulent interspersing aromas of overcooked crispy slices of bacon and a very subtle waft from an Arbroath smoke house.

Wonderlicious waves of Oloroso sherry and an oncoming typhooned infusion of toffee, warm dates and winter spices soon take centre stage. This is followed by the nosing oozement you get from a packet of ‘Cadbury’ chocolate eclairs, after they have melted in your pocket during a blazing hot summer afternoon.

Warm semi biscuity whiffs of shop bought ‘Jammie Dodgers’ and the aroma of some homemade stem ginger cookies, help make this one homely dramming affair.

The palate is sublime and perfectly balanced, bursting and thrusting with a multitude of devilishiously delicious dried fruits that have been soaked in rich sumptuous sweet sherry. Followed by an infusion of salted caramel, wonderous winter spices and a subtle back note of something slightly tannic.

A gentle sweet smoky element gradually fades in and mingles perfectly with the rest of the palate-tabulous in crowd, helping to create something quite wonderful.

Just before you reach the finish there’s a peppery digestive biscuit sensation, which then quickly gives way and closes with something rather Laphroaigian, infact very Laphroaigian. Interesting!

This is an outstanding dram in every respect but be warned, even though it's bottled at 62.7% it does go down a tad too easily. So remember to savour and enjoy this fairly limited yet joyous release from the fabulous 'BBR'.