23 June 2010

Lark Distillery LD89 "A Dinky Di of a Dram"

Would you believe it, even the Australians are at it. Infact since the 1990s our friends down under have been producing some very credible single malts.

This particular dram from the ‘Lark Distillery’ in Tasmania, which is identified by its cask number: LD89, delivers a whole series of nosing and tasting sensations which are not too dissimilar to that of a well balanced 12 year old Speyside single malt.

On the nose the first thing that stands out is the sensation of a thick glug of golden syrup that’s been infused by wonderliciously warm and comforting waves of concentrated vanilla. Followed by a very subtle whiff of sweet musk.

There's the nosegamsic sensation of opening a large Kilner jar, that's been filled to the brim with rich sherried fruits, soaked in preperation for a Christmas bake off. Along with the satisfying homely winter aromas of dried crumbled cinnamon sticks, ground cloves and whiff or two of toasted oak for good measure.

The palate pretty much mirrors the delights that were picked up on the nose, apart from a very slight peppery maltiness and a very pleasing flow of rich dark sweet caramel.

Short sharp bursts of lemon sherbet and the edge from some unripe red summer berries also kick in and help to balance out all the aforementioned perfectly.

Not only is this a fabulous dram, it’s a real eye and palate opener into the world of Australian whisky. I greatly look forward to sampling more of the devilishly delicious dramming delights from down under!