6 May 2010

The Glenlivet 18 "A Fruitcake in a Glass"

When compiling a collection of whisky store cupboard essentials, a bottle of Glenlivet 18 year old should undoubtedly take pride of place or there abouts in the dramming inventory of each and every whisky enthusiast and newbie in the land.

It has to be said that it's a momentous marvel of a sumptuous and seductive Speyside, that delivers an elegant yet boldly robust set of balanced sensations and complexities to the senses.

It could also be summed up as a feisty frolicking yet finesseful dinner date of a dram, complete with a fabulous full figured body, that’s been poured slowly into a rich cherry red velvet dress.

The nose kicks off with a frenzy of fabulous fruit cake based delights, in the form of flotilla of squalling dried fruits that crash through sumptuous oozing and re-hydrating waves of Oloroso sherry. Followed by a citrus surf of assorted mixed peels and an infused spray of clemintines, cloves and ginger paste.

A subtle puff-ette of smoke along with a few more spices, this time of the toasted winter variety make for the next set of sensations, along with infused whiffs of sweet oak, vanilla and an exceedingly moreish ‘Tunnock’s’ milk chocolate wafer biscuit.

The palate pretty much mirrors and magnifies the marvels that mesmerized the nose, with the addition of a few glorious glugs of spiced honey, smoked walnuts and a dollop of subtly mint infused caramel. 

Proceedings are then brought to a dramming conclusion with a tray of blistering baked peaches, a steaming fresh slice of cherry pie and a fabulous amalgamated mouthful of all those fabulous fruitcake-esque delights that this dram has to offer.

This is a superb drop of drammage and it would be an absolute travesty if anyone missed out on an oppertunity to sample it's wonderlicious fruitcake based wares. Let there be whisky, but by golly let there be cake!

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